Sep 2012 TEDI: Boom Festival Drug Checking Report

A report detailing the results on on-site drug analysis by TEDI and partner Energy Control.

Oct 2011 TEDI: Factsheet on Drug Checking in Europe

A report by a group funded by the EU giving a brief overview of "Drug Checking", analysis of street drugs in Europe.

Sep 2011 The Drug Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) in the Netherlands: implementation, results, and international comparison, by Brunt TM, Niesink RJ

an overview of the Dutch street drug analysis program, results comprising over 100,000 test results.

Oct 2011 Linking the pharmacological content of ecstasy tablets to the subjective experiences of drug users, by Brunt TM, Koeter MW, Niesink RJ, van den Brink W.

Using comments submitted with analyzed samples to try to analyze how ecstasy tablet content affects user experience.

Aug 27 2009 2008-2009 Data Imported from DEA's Microgram

A brief description of the data imported into EcstasyData's collection from the DEA's Newsletter "Microgram".