Additional Testing Resources

Organizations conducting lab testing

EcstasyData does not know of any other labs in the United States or Canada that test anonymously submitted drug samples.

Welsh Emerging Drugs & Identification of Novel Substances Project (WEDINOS)

WEDINOS is a very interesting project; it is the only government-sponsored street drug analysis program making its test results fully public that we know of, as of October 2015. Unfortunately, the site says they do not accept controlled substances by mail and only provide analysis for residents of Wales, in the UK.

German-language site of CheckiT!, an organization that does pill analysis and on-site testing and publishes results and information on the web as a searchable database of pills with images. ChEckiT! is located in Vienna, Austria.

Energy Control

Energy Control, based in Spain, does lab and field testing of recreational drugs. They are known for developing TLC as an effective on-site testing practice at large events. /

German-language site, based in Zurich, Switzerland. Safer Party -- a project of Streetwork Youth Counseling ("Jugendberatung Streetwork") -- offers high performance liquid chromotography (HPLC) testing of street drugs submitted by users in the Zurich area. Their pill testing is of particular interest because they do quantitive analysis, showing how much of each substance is found in the tablets they test. : DIMS / Trimbos Institute

Nederlands-only. Dutch walk-in only analysis. Over a dozen different locations to bring in samples. Some identifications of tablets or blotter occur immediately, based on recent samples analyzed by the program. Largest public analysis service in the world, though they do not accept mailed samples and do not publish individual results.

Tryggere Ruspolitikk - Norway

Norway only. Norweigan walk-in only analysis using FTIR and fentanyl test strips. Group requires pre-scheduling appointments. They do not test blotter. They do not have advanced lab analysis setup and are limited by FTIR: best lower detection limit around 4% of the total volume or mass of the sample. Wet samples are usually not possible to analyze. We don't think they publish the results online.

Field testing databases is an offshoot of BlueLight and is a heavily used database of user-submitted pill descriptions broken down by geographical location, including field tests, user comments, rating, date, name, etc. is an extremely good resource for checking on current ecstasy pills.

Vendors of field tests & adulterant screening products


DanceSafe provides field tests to the general public as well as their chapters for use in teaching the public about adulterants and misbranded drugs. DanceSafe supports EcstasyData testing with grants funded from their sale of testing kits.


One of the earliest companies selling ecstasy field testing kits to the public, EZ-Test describes its mission as protecting the public against the polluted ecstasy market.

Australian source for field tests. Prices listed are in AUD and prices inside Australia are good. They offer ecstasy-oriented kits and a cocaine kit.

Non-Anonymous Testing Services #

DDL - Drug Detection Laboratories, Inc.

The main lab DrugsData uses. Contact them directly to ask about non-anonymous testing.

Murray-Brown Labs

New to us in 2020: allergen, cannabinoid, water, kratom, metals, biological contamination analysis.

Toxicology Associates, Inc.

US-based, commercial lab doing quantitative and qualitative analysis of samples, including unknown samples and known controlled substances. Prices range from $200 to $600 depending on target.

NMS Labs

An analytical laboratory in Pennsylvania that accepts samples from " attorneys, law enforcement, medical professional, and licensed private investigators". They no longer accept samples from the general public.