About Us

Our Mission

DrugsData is the independent laboratory drug analysis program of Erowid Center. Launched in July 2001, its purpose is to collect, manage, review, and present laboratory drug analysis results. The information is made publicly available to help harm-reduction efforts, medical personnel, and researchers. While some government agencies analyze psychoactive drugs, they choose to restrict the data they collect and make it private to law enforcement interests.

DrugsData collects lab testing results from a variety of organizations, but primarily commissions its own tests conducted by Drug Detection Labs (DDL). All samples are submitted to DrugsData anonymously by mail. We do not accept samples submitted in person. We also help other analysis projects to publish and manage their testing data. Please read Less Ecstasy, More Data: 15 Years of the EcstasyData Program and contact us for more information.

Supporting Organizations

Erowid Center

DrugsData is a project of Erowid Center. Erowid works with the testing laboratory to process submissions and publish results, and collects data from other testing organizations (e.g. drug checking groups in Europe), develops software, fundraises, and maintains the DrugsData.org website.

Erowid invests in drug analysis / drug checking in order to increase the quality of information available about psychoactive substances. Independent laboratory drug checking is the only information currently publicly available about the variety and identity of adulterants in psychoactive drugs around the world. Erowid believes the consistent collection and publication of this information is an important part of developing a foundation for appropriate public policies and emergency medical responses. The information is useful for families, teachers, lawyers, users, news agencies, law enforcement, and any other group that needs to know what is in the ecstasy which is increasingly available throughout the world.

Isomer Design

Isomer Design began financial support for DrugsData/EcstasyData in August 2013. Isomer Design tracks the emergence of novel psychoactive substances to help reduce harm and misinformation associated with these drugs. Isomer Design supports independent lab testing of new psychoactive substances and is helping to sponsor testing of novel psychoactive substances through DrugsData and other academic projects.

Isomer Design also supports harm-reduction and drug policy-reform organizations including the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy, MAPS Canada, Bluelight, and Drugs-Forum.