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M-Block (M-Box, M30)
Sold as: Oxy
ID: 9146
Test Date: Sep 24, 2020
Pub. Date: Sep 24, 2020
Src Location: Austin, TX
Submitter Loc: Austin, TX
United States
Color: Blue
Size: 157 mg, 6.70 mm x 3.70 mm
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 20090071
Sold as: Oxy
Expected to be: Fentanyl (possibly other additives/analogues)
Round light blue tablet with 'M' on one side, '30' and break line on the other. Counterfeit generic oxycodone.

Sender comments, in comparison to counterfeit Roxicodone available in Austin 'between mid-2018 and roughly April 2020': 'the M-Box pills generate a high that is euphoric, but certainly in a different way [...] they feel 'dirtier' [...] they are far less pleasant...'

(thanks for all the details, sender!)
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