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Bliss / Joy
Sold as: Anandamide
ID: 8403
Sold as: Anandamide
Expected to be: Synthetic cannabinoid unrelated to Anandamide
Lab comments:
Anandamide provisionally identified by library match.
Off-white powder in baggie.

Sender comments: 'Suspicious that it may contain an already well known synthetic cannabinoid or some compound unrelated to anandamide.'

It is very important that people submitting samples to this testing program send in between 20 and 200mg of material. See how to send in a sample for testing.

Keep in mind that just enough to *half* fill a capsule is more than enough for several analyses. There is no advantage to sending more material.

Be kind, send less!
Apr 24, 2020: Anandamide confirmed via reference standard after originally being identified by library match.

Apr 8, 2020: This sample will be re-analyzed once a reference standard has been ordered and the lab receives it. Check back here for update in a few weeks. (This re-testing is normal procedure for chemicals identified by library match for which the lab doesn't have a reference standard on site, and for which a reference standard is available.)