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Pink Powder (Tusi)
Sold as: 2C-B
ID: 8280
Test Date: Feb 21, 2020
Pub. Date: Feb 21, 2020
Src Location: Colombia
Submitter Loc: Miami, FL
United States
Color: Red / Pink
Size: 500 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 202000200030
Sold as: 2C-B
Expected to be: 2C-B
Lab comments:
Tested twice, no 2C-B detected.

Sep 29 2020: Ketamine Precursor A -- chemical name 1-[(2-Chlorophenyl)(methylimino)methyl]cyclopentanol -- was initially identified by library match, and has been confirmed with reference standard.
Clear plastic cap containing pink powder.

Sender comments powder is 'Very strong and intense.'

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