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  • Unicorn (Pink Tablet)
  • Sold as: 'Designer Drug'
  • ID: 8239
Sold as: 'Designer Drug'
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
Tested multiple times. Tableting material (palmitic acid and stearic acid) detected as major components.
Pink tablet fragment, no markings can be discerned on one side, possibly break line on the other side?

Trace ketamine is likely the result of tablet brushing against a speck of ketamine before arriving at the lab. It is unlikely that the tablet contained psychoactive amounts of ketamine.

Sender describes sample as 'New-to-the-scene designer drug being marketed as 'unicorn' -- molecular makeup/components unknown.'

Ecstasy/Molly tablets must be whole tablets, partial tablets are not eligible for the same co-pay.
With only part of a tablet submitted, it would be theoretically possible that the other half of the tablet would have revealed something different under GC/MS. Please send whole tablets!

If you know whether anybody ingested a tablet like this and experienced effects, please let us know!