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Dutch Rock Ketamine
Sold as: Ketamine
ID: 7887
Sold as: Ketamine
Expected to be: Not Specified
White powder and broken capsule in baggie. Sender comments they expect 'Unknown, possibly cut with fentanyl.'

Sender also notes that they tested sample with reagents prior to sending:
'Mecke: faint purplish grey/brownish grey'
'Lieberman: no reaction'
'Froedhe: faint brown (grey in smaller sample)'
'Mandelin: Yellow (small sample) --> Orange (medium sample) --> Red (large sample)'
'Marquis: bubbles, no color change'
'Hoffman: no reaction'
'Ehrlich: no reaction'
'Simons: slowly deepening pink'
'Fentanyl sticks: positive (one line) OR second line very faint (3 trials)'

They add: 'suspecting a cut, separation test was done with Bunk Police kit. Nine trials all (each) produced a single spot, indicating pure unknown substance.'