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Benzofury (Counterfeit 6-APB)
Sold as: 6-APB
ID: 7329
Sold as: 6-APB
Expected to be: 6-APB
Lab comments:
APBs ruled out.
White powder in baggie.

Sender notes: 'Marquis reagent did not match with online results for what 6-APB is. Mecke and Mandelin look like 6-APB. Not much reaction with other reagents. Very strong odor of some sweet/almond smelling solvent.'

[The reagent colors described by the sender correspond to the sender's field tests. The reagent colors pictured here on EcstasyData are separate, they correspond to the field tests conducted by the lab.]
5/17/2019: bk-EBDB identification has been confirmed.

5/10/2019: This sample will be re-analyzed to confirm library match once the lab receives the reference standard for bk-EBDB that is being ordered. Please check back in 14-21 days. (The identification was not ambiguous; this re-testing is normal procedure for chemicals identified by library match for which the lab doesn't have reference standards on site.)