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1P-LSD (Blotter)
Sold as: 1P-LSD
ID: 7119
Sold as: 1P-LSD
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
Jun 5, 2019 UPDATE: Confirmed as 1P-LSD. [When this sample was first analyzed in March 2019, IP-LSD was indicated at very low levels but could not be confirmed. No certified standard was available at that time. Identification of 1P-LSD was originally by mass spectrum and Selective Ion Monitoring GC/MS (SIM GC/MS).] Sample size is insufficient for reagent test.
Half of one dose unit of white blotter with black writing. A hyphen and the letter L are visible on one face.
Samples on blotter must be sent as intact dose-units; please don't send less than a whole hit. Sending less than a hit leaves no material available for a potential secondary analysis, and, as in the case of this sample, there may not even be enough for reagent tests.
Jun 5, 2019 UPDATE: Sample has been confirmed as 1P-LSD, now that a reference standard for 1P-LSD is available to the lab.