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Alprazolam (GG 2 | 4 | 9; Xannie)
Sold as: Xanax
ID: 6460
Sold as: Xanax
Expected to be: Alprazolam
Bar style white tablet with GG | 2 | 4 | 9 on one side, and no markings on reverse.

Sender notes they expect tablet to be 'Xanax, but homemade? I think it's pressed.'

Q: 'Can you tell if homemade pill or pharmacy pill?'

A: The markings on this tablet are consistent with a manufactured alprazolam tablet, but distinguishing between pharmaceutical-industry tablets and counterfeit tablets containing the same drug falls outside the scope of what this lab does.

(Xanax® is a registered trademark of Pfizer. Pfizer alprazolam does not have the same markings as this tablet, which resembles Sandoz-manufactured alprazolam.)