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6-APB (E6apb)
Sold as: 6-APB
ID: 4540
Sold as: 6-APB
Expected to be: 5-IT
Lab comments:
5-IT ruled out.
July 25, 2016: The lab has confirmed that this is 5-APDB and not 6-APDB. We had to get all the standards in hand and then run the test several times because 5- and 6-APDB are very similar in the GC/MS.

We can now reliably differentiate between 4-,5-,6-, and 7-APDB.

Lab tech points out that it is interesting that the powder solution turned dark blue in methanol.


Old Notes :

The sample was not concentrated enough, plus, it's likely one of the APB compounds. (5-IT ruled out.)

The lab has confirmed it is an APDB. On July 22nd, we confirmed that it is not 4-APDB nor 7-APDB, but do not yet know whether it is 5-APDB or 6-APDB. The lab is working on re-testing to confirm.