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Shiny Flaky 6-APB (97EE8)
Sold as: 6-APB
ID: 3688
Sold as: 6-APB
Expected to be: 5-MAPDB
Submitter: Sold as 6-APB, with name Shiny Flaky 6-APB HCl. Expected to be 6-APB.

EcstasyData: Lab identified the substance as 5-MAPDB based on a library match with Cayman's 5-MAPDB spectra. 6-APB/5-APB, 5-MAPB, 5-EAPB, 5-APDB are ruled out as possible substances.
July 26 2015: EcstasyData : We purchased several cayman standards including one for 5-MAPDB and this sample was a clear match for 5-MAPDB and not for related compounds. I'm attaching the comparison mass spectrums, but please don't get confused: the submitted sample contains only 5-MAPDB and not 6-APB.