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Crushed Capsules (XTC42DMT42)
Sold as: MDMA and DMT
ID: 3622
Sold as: MDMA and DMT
Expected to be: DMA and DMT
This is one of the more confusing submissions we've received. Two separate capsules were included in the envelope and were crushed/broken. The contents were mixed together. The lab tried hand separating the chemicals, but was unable to do so. Analyzed samples and both clearly contained MDA and DMT and so this is reported as a single result.

If you send in capsules, they need to be in separate plastic bags and/or in crush proof mailers, otherwise the powder can leak out and be problematic to test. With other chemicals (not MDA or DMT), loose powders could be dangerous for mail handlers or the lab. Please be careful and considerate of those who need to handle these lab samples.