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Capsule with White Powder (PTJER)
ID: 3077
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The lab was unable to positively identify the substance in this sample. The submitter apparently was told the material was 4-Acetoxy-DMT, but the substance is definitely NOT that.

One of our experts (Thanks AV!) has positively identified this mass spectrum as that of bk-MDDMA, also known as Methylone ME (NOT methylone itself). It has an extra methyl (carbon) on the amine (nitrogen) compared to methylone. The identification is based on Cayman and SWDrug's Mass Spectra.
Notes from the lab:

1) 4-ACO-DMT has been ruled out.

2) bk-MDDMA is the best library match; however, other similar compounds are not ruled out as the library matches are also good. For instance, it is also a good match for MDCATH and one of the analogs of methcathinone (good match to mass spectra 2B provided by the US DEA article (