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Molly Flip
ID: 2535
Result Photo
Lab comments:
On first testing, the lab found only MDMA. The submitter contacted us and informed us that they had taken a pressed tablet that had been sold around the world and crushed it up, spiked the baggie with a little 2C-B, and submitted it to EcstasyData. The lab initially failed to find the 2C-B. It is possible that's because the lab did not homogenize (mix) the contents before taking a small scoop of the material for testing and it's also possible that the 2C-B that was added was diluted and thus there was very little. After homogenizing the contents and taking two different new scoops/samples from the baggie, the lab found small traces of 2C-B in both new tests, but it was NOT present in the original GC analysis. After a long discussion with the submitter, we will be writing up the description of this sample testing in more detail to describe the techniques the lab uses and the choices that are made about testing by different labs and testing services. Thanks for all the work by the submitter following through on this.