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Red Capsule (Ecstasy)
ID: 2354
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Lab comments:
Reference standards obtained from Cerilliant Corporation
Sold as 'Ecstasy' at a concert. Sample described in a 2011 Journal of Medical Toxicology case report, Lethal Serotonin Syndrome After Methylone and Butylone Ingestion.
There is a discrepancy in the number of capsules ingested as described in the article Abstract ('one') vs. the article Discussion ('two').

In the discussion, the authors remark: 'Our patient died after ingesting two capsules despite expeditious treatment. Based on analytic evidence from a single capsule, we suspect she ingested 844 mg of methylone plus 106 mg of butylone. The dose the patient ingested was substantially over what has been reported as a 'normal' dose. However, we cannot confirm this dose since any illicitly marketed drug has substantial variability in purity and concentration.'