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Powder (Plant Food)
ID: 2172
Result Photo
Green and white screw top bottle approx 1' x 1' says on top: *'Concentrated Plant Food (essential for healthy growth). This product does not contain MDPV.'

On the side it says, 'Concentrated Plant Food', 'PURE (Essential for healthy growth)', as well as 'Daily regimen for wild flowers and other non-edible house plants'.

In tiny writing, it says: 'Tested and Certified : This product does not contain any of the following substances: 5-MeO-DMT, 4MMC, Methylone, Methedrone, 3FMC, 4FMC, MDAI, PFPP, d-Amphetamine, Ketamine, PCP, MDA, [blah blah blah for 3 more lines]'.