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LSD Blotter (Master Roshi)
Sold as: LSD
ID: 19646
Sold as: LSD
Expected to be: LSD derivative / other ergoloid
Has Been Tried: Yes
Lab comments:
Very small GC/MS response for LSD, sample analyzed three times.
Triangular blotter showing the face of Master Roshi (from Dragon Ball Z) having a nosebleed, unknown design on reverse. If you zoom in very close, it looks like there's a dose of blotter on Master Roshi's tongue.
''High body load, atypical CEVs''.
Apr 1 2024: Due to the small size of the sample and the relative potency* of the other substances detected compared to LSD, their presence on this blotter could be the result of cross-contamination prior to reaching the lab.

*LSD is active at microgram amounts, the other substances are active at milligram amounts