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Sold as: Trichome Pre-Rolls
ID: 18925
Result Photo
Test Date: Jan 30, 2024
Pub. Date: Jan 30, 2024
Src Location: Spokane, WA
Submitter Loc: Spokane, WA
United States
Color: Green / Brown
Size: 100 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 24010051
Sold as: Trichome Pre-Rolls
Expected to be: Fentanyl, horse tranquilizer, etc.
Has Been Tried: Yes
Lab comments:
Only natural cannabinoids were detected, the primary one being THC.
Green-brown plant matter in baggie. [DrugsData accepts cannabis samples suspected of being adulterated by prior approval only.]
''I have been a marijuana smoker for over 40 years and never had any issues with the drug... I took about 5 puffs and put [this joint] out.

Within 5 minutes or so I started feeling very loopy. It became difficult to stand so I was holding on to the tree but soon passed out. Luckily, the [person who shared the joint with me] was able to catch me before I fell all the way to the ground and hit my head on the nearby fireplace or hurt myself another way. He helped me to a chair, and I was in and out of consciousness. Others said that I was very pale w/ blue lips and was having difficulty breathing.

The Fire Department paramedics arrived to check me out and I simply thought I may have smoked too much, or it was just too strong. My vitals were OK, but I was in and out of consciousness for the next hour or so. I then vomited right before going home. After reviewing symptoms online, I wondered if the joint could have been laced with fentanyl or another substance.''
This product was reported to be a commercially available pre-roll.