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White Powder
Sold as: Not Specified
ID: 18841
Result Photo Detail Photo Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sold as: Not Specified
Expected to be: Probably Fentanyl
Lab comments:
N-Phenylpropanamide, 4-Anilinopiperidine, and 1-phenethyl-4-propionyloxypiperidine identified by library match.

Unidentified Substance #1: 20 parts (since identified, see note)

Unidentified Substance #2: 15 parts (since identified, see note)
White powder and crystals in baggie, reportedly ''for pain''.
May 8 2024: The two substances that were originally unidentified have been identified by a consulting chemist as byproducts of fentanyl production. (thank you, Y.)

unid-1 (ratio of 20): 1-Phenethylpiperidin-4-ol, obtained by hydrolysis from 1-Phenethyl-4-Propionyloxypiperidine.

unid 2 (ratio of 15): N-Phenethyl-N-phenylpropionamide, a precursor/intermediate of fentanyl production.

Feb 6 2024: The GC/MS chromatograms for the unidentified substances aren't up yet, check back for images.