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Peach Tablet
Sold as: Generic Xifaxan
ID: 18525
Sold as: Generic Xifaxan
Expected to be: Rifaximin
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
No drugs/compounds were detected in this sample, however, the presence of rifaximin cannot be confirmed because it may not be detectable by GC/MS.

The interior tablet color is orange-red, the same color as the rifaximin certifed reference standard. Neither the standard nor the sample yielded any GC/MS peaks.
Large oblong peach colored tablet with break line and no other markings.
Rifaximin is not suitable for analysis by GC/MS, our lab's current analytical instrumentation method. Rifaximin is also not a psychoactive, so it falls outside the scope of DrugsData.
The 5-digit code given as '@V1ZT', please note that special characters are not supported in our 5-digit code system.