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Tasmanian Devil
ID: 1647
Result Photo
ID: 1647
Name: Tasmanian Devil
Other Names:
GC/MS:More infoThe GC/MS Lab Test  
Test Date: Jun 01, 2006
Pub. Date: Jun 25, 2008
Src Location: Gulfport, MS
Submitter Loc: Gulfport, MS
United States
Color: White / Off White
Size: 248 mg, 11.00 mm x 2.50 mm
Data Source: DEA
Tested by: DEA
Lab's ID: 20060602
Microgram: The DEA South Central Laboratory (Dallas, Texas) recently received eight 1.5 quart plastic bags containing a total of 17,290 rather poorly manufactured, white, round tablets with a faint 'Tasmanian Devil' logo, suspected MDMA [...]. The bags had been hidden in a large pipe inside an abandoned storage unit in Gulfport, Mississippi, and were seized by a local Task Force Officer. The tablets were approximately 11 millimeters in diameter and 2.5 millimeters in width, and had an average weight of 248 milligrams. Analysis by NMR, GC/MS, FTIR, and HPLC, however, indicated not MDMA but rather amphetamine sulfate (38 milligrams per tablet). The salt form and lack of clandestine manufacturing impurities indicate that the amphetamine in this case was very likely diverted from pharmaceutical stocks. Although the DEA laboratory system has previously received tablets containing amphetamine sulfate, this is an unusually large seizure of such tablets, especially for the South Central Laboratory.