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Sold as: Piperidylthiambutene
ID: 16011
Result Photo Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sample contains an unidentified chemical.
Sold as: Piperidylthiambutene
Expected to be: Piperidylthiambutene
Has Been Tried: No
Greenish/gray powder in foil. Sample name given as ''RC1''.

Acquired in June 2022.
Jun 20 2023: Piperidylthiambutene confirmed in comparison to certified reference standard. The unidentified peak remains unidentified -- it's not a degradation of Piperidylthiambutene.

May 18 2023: The previously unidentified chemical is likely 2,2-(buta-1,3-diene-1,1-diyl)dithiophene, a Piperidylthiambutene artifact. (thank you, Y.) [opinion reversed by DrugsData lab, see Jun 20 note above]

Apr 28 2023: Piperidylthiambutene identified by library match.
Unidentifed Substances
This sample contains an unidentified chemical. We do not have a matching substance in our lab's internal database and have not yet been able to identify the chemical(s).

We need the help of outside expert analytical chemists and drug geeks to determine what substance matches the mass spectrum (MS) fingerprint. The lab's GC/MS graphs can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on this page.

Please use our contact form and include the DrugsData ID (16011) or this URL along with any communications.