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Purplish Powder
ID: 15400
Expected to be: Not Specified
Has Been Tried: No
Purplish crystalline powder in baggie.
Samples #15399 and #15400 were submitted together. Sample #15400 is a purplish crystalline powder (pictured above), and sample #15399 is a soft white powder.

Two submission forms were submitted with these samples, one for material sold as MDMA and described as ''white powder/crystals blue tint'', and the other one for material sold as 2C-B and described as ''white powder''.

The submission form for the material sold as MDMA and described as ''white powder/crystals blue tint'' accompanied the soft white powder. The material sold as 2C-B and described as ''white powder'' accompanied the purplish/brownish crystalline powder.

Because of the actual content of these two powders -- GC/MS showed the purplish/brownish crystalline powder to be MDMA, and the soft white powder to be 2C-B -- it is the DrugsData crew's belief that each submission form arrived at the lab accompanying the wrong powder, that they effectively arrived switched.

We've confirmed these are a sample of MDMA and a sample of 2C-B. If you sent in these two samples, the descriptions of the physical characteristics of the powders might reassure you that the submission forms were switched. Or, you can reagent-test them to distinguish the MDMA from the 2C-B to be double sure.

*tl;dr This purplish crystalline powder, confirmed to be MDMA, arrived at the lab with a submission form for a sample sold as 2C-B.*

Contact info (at) drugsdata (dot) org about samples #15399 and #15400 if you have any questions.