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Sold as: Ketamine
ID: 14938
Sold as: Ketamine
Expected to be: Ketamine + some type of amphetamine
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
Liebermann and Froehde reaction are slow and faint
Off-white crystalline powder in baggie.

Submitter notes that (prior to sending): 'It failed Liebermann, Froehde and Morris reagent tests'.
Dec 5 2022: Another ketamine sample came in recently that showed similar reagent reactions (sample 14885), and also contained benzyl alcohol. The lab has ordered a reference standard for benzyl alcohol to run reagents on it alone to see what happens.
Regarding isomers -- Our lab's techniques cannot distinguish stereoisomer composition of any substance we analyze. The ketamine portion could be racemic, 100% R-enantiomer and 0% S-enantiomer, 0% R-enantiomer and 100% S-enantiomer, or any ratio combination thereof.