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Tusi (Pink Powder)
Sold as: Tusi, Pink Powder, 2C-B
ID: 14493
Test Date: Oct 19, 2022
Pub. Date: Oct 19, 2022
Src Location: Miami, FL
Submitter Loc: Los Angeles, CA
United States
Color: Red / Pink
Size: 200 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 22090204
Sold as: Tusi, Pink Powder, 2C-B
Expected to be: Ketamine, Molly, MDMA, 2C-B
Has Been Tried: Yes
Hot pink powder in glass container.
''Strong ketamine effects at onset, then transitions into MDMA and hallucinogenic effects after.''
Shares some similarities with other pink powders tested by DrugsData and other drug checking groups that were sold as ''Tusi'' or 2C-B.