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White Powder
ID: 13526
White powder in capsule.

There was very little information submitted with this sample, besides 'Research chem' and 'some sort of benzo'. What it was sold as wasn't specified.
Jun 12 2023: P2P is confirmed as present, however it is unknown if the original powder sample contained P2P or some compound that breaks down to P2P, or it contains P2P with some inactive compound that reacts with BSTFA (TMS) derivative for GC/MS analysis. Additional analysis of the sample reaction with BSTFA (TMS) produced an unknown peak. Trace amounts of BMK methyl glycidate and 3,4-Diphenyl-3-buten-2-one are present.

Jul 21 2022: We've gotten the comment that phenylacetone is a liquid at room temperature. We're checking on further elaboration of the lab's identification of phenylacetone.
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