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Pink Tuci (Tusi)
Sold as: Pink Tuci
ID: 13450
Test Date: Jul 07, 2022
Pub. Date: Jul 07, 2022
Src Location: Los Angeles, CA
Submitter Loc: Los Angeles, CA
United States
Color: Red / Pink
Size: 100 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 22060152
Sold as: Pink Tuci
Expected to be: 2C-B, Ketamine, and who knows what else
Has Been Tried: Yes
Pink powder in waxed paper.
''Great sexual aphrodesiac. Great head space. Great Euphoria''.
Shares some similarities with other pink powders tested by DrugsData and other drug checking groups that were sold as ''Tusi'' or 2C-B.