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Chunky White Powder
Sold as: MDMA
ID: 12274
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GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sold as: MDMA
Expected to be: Possible substitutes
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
for the *-Chloromethcathinone portion, 4-CMC is the closest match. 3-CMC and 4-CMC have the same mass spectrum, but this sample's retention time is closest to 4-CMC.
White powder chunks in round clear container. Sender described this as white/clear crystals with the name 'White Champagne MDMA'.

Sender comments they're ''Sending because it doesn't pass reagent tests as expected.''
Jun 22 2022: 4'-Chloropropiophenone (CAS #6285-05-8) was suggested as a potential identification for this substance. (Thanks, A.) A second chemist has concurred (Thanks, Y.). A certified reference standard is available for 4'-Chloropropiophenone.

March 13 2022: The unidentified substance was initially reported as IMMA, but with a standard from CaymanChem we have determined that this is now Unidentified. We do not know what the second chemical in this sample is.

Mar 7 2022: This sample contains *-Chloromethcathinone, a chemical that has multiple possible ring-positional isomers. The lab can't be certain which isomer(s) is present in this sample at this time but note that 4-CMC is the best match.