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Powder (Pulver)
Sold as: 6-APB
ID: 11683
Test Date: Nov 02, 2021
Pub. Date: Nov 22, 2021
Src Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Submitter Loc: Zurich, --
Color: Off White / Tan
Size: -
Data Source:
Tested by: DIZ
Lab's ID: SP:202111-15
Sold as: 6-APB
Expected to be: 6-APB
Lab comments:
Analyzing lab found 6-APB (not quantified), 45.3% Caffeine, 20.4% Heroin, and 1.5% 6-Acetylmorphine
The European drug checking group that analyzed this sample issued a warning because it contains drugs other than the one it was represented as.