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Sold as: Nimetazepam / Benzo
ID: 10892
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GC/MS Graph
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Sold as: Nimetazepam / Benzo
Expected to be: Benzo and synth byproducts
Lab comments:
Aug 2 2021: No match for anything. Possibly some kind of benzo, some ions similar to deschloroetizolam and alprazolam.
Tan powder in baggie.
Mar 29 2022: We would like to confirm this identification, but for now there is no further avenue to pursue without wet chemistry synthesis followed by GC/MS analysis to verify this guess. As far as we know, this is the first identification of this chemical under this name. Google results in only this DrugsData testing result for the search term ''N-ethyl Nitrazepam''.

Jan 19 2022: Unidentified substance is possibly ''N-ethyl Nitrazepam''. This identification is based on using structure-ion decomposition ''math'' to guess the structure of the parent chemical. Thanks to an anonymous visitor for the possible identification.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to verify this proposed identification, let us know! Please use our contact form and include the DrugsData ID (10892) or this URL along with any communications.