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Pink Unicorn
Sold as: LSD variation
ID: 10276
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GC/MS Graph
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GC/MS Graph
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GC/MS Graph
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GC/MS Graph
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Test Date: May 03, 2021
Pub. Date: May 03, 2021
Src Location: Bay Area, CA
Submitter Loc: Bay Area, CA
United States
Color: Red / Pink
Size: 170 mg, 6.50 mm x 4.40 mm
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 21040114
Sold as: LSD variation
Expected to be: Not LSD (at least not only LSD)
Lab comments:
Regarding the four unidentifieds: This is possibly one compound producing 4 peaks by GC/MS.

Entire tablet was used in this analysis.
May 10 2021: The substances that were originally unidentified in this sample have been identified as fat molecules, they are believed to be non-psychoactive and non-poisonous. Our expert network speculates that they may have been present in this tablet as a carrier for the CBN.

The numbers above (2100, 300, 100, etc.) are ratios, *not* milligram amounts.

May 3 2021: Trace ketamine and THC could be a result of sample contamination before arriving at the lab. It's unlikely that the tablet contained psychoactive amounts of ketamine or THC.
Dark pink / light red round tablet, no markings. Acquired Dec 2020.

Sender comments this was sold as an 'LSD variation, potentially AL-LAD'.

Experience Note: 'Multiple experienced people report effects like LSD but with more empathetic 'molly'-like qualities. Different batches appear to be different strengths.'
Details on the previously unidentified substances: all are triglyceride fatty acids that are not psychoactive and could possibly be a single fatty acid that was transformed during analysis by the heat and pressure of gas chromatography into these four distinct substances. Since we reported them as four unidentified compounds initially, we list the full identifications here:

10276-1 is glycerol tricaprylate [CAS 538-23-8]
10276-2 is 2-(Decanoyloxy)propane-1,3-diyl dioctanoate [CAS 33368-87-5]
10276-3 is 2-(Octanoyloxy)propane-1,3-diyl bis(decanoate) [CAS 33368-86-4]
10276-4 is Decanoic acid, 1,2,3-propanetriyl ester [CAS 621-71-6]

We are still working to fully confirm these identifications and see if we can confirm or refute that they might all be from one single source fatty acid.